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Re: Sonuus anyone?

Hi Michael.

Easy question :-)

I've AB'ed the Sonuus with the Axon technology.

Here's what the Sonuus will do for you:

Yup, it's mono.
Play 5ths into it and it gives you an octave down (undocumented useful 

It tracks noticeably slower.

It has less tendency to warble.

Pitch bend range is fixed to 2 semitones. Go fractionally past that on a 
and it will re-trigger (i.e. really only practical for semitone bends).

Can't remember if it's possible to change it's midi channel.

There's a nice feature where an led tells you *before* the battery runs 


Michael Peters wrote:
I usually use a GK-2a and an Axon AX-50 for midi guitaring but I'm wondering if a Sonuus would do most of the same job with less hardware. It is monophonic right? what does it do and what not, how good does it track? -Michael