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Re: Sonuus anyone?

On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 12:27 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> Pitch bend range is fixed to 2 semitones. Go fractionally past that on a
> bend
> and it will re-trigger (i.e. really only practical for semitone bends).

I didn't know that. Anyway, with string instruments I don't use
pitchbend anyway as I keep my synths to "chromatic". This is of course
part of the approach to not use synth sounds that "doubles up" what
the guitar's string's sound already does but rather adds a
complimentary color (for example soft attack vs the guitar string's
sharp and fast attack etc etc). I'm wondering if the Sonuus will be
good for fretless instruments? Probably. One point in playing fretless
is the nice attack and vibrato and you really don't want to muddy that
up by adding a synth that follows pitchbend :-)  Better then using
synth sounds that enhances the beauty of the fretless tone. But when
using the EWI I rely a lot on pitchbend set to two semitone's range.

I guess you've already read the review at Guitar Moderne?

There is also also a discussion on the Sonuus at the Stick forum:

It turned out Michael Bernier has been using the Sonuus for a while
and he seems to make creative use of some aspects of the Sonuus that
others criticize. Pasting in his report below:

> "I only use it for melodies really...when I get obnoxiously fast it 
> picks up every third note....but I've turned that into an asset...the 
> software that comes with it allows you to determine which note your note 
> played will trigger...you can latch on up to 5...so in essence for each 
> single note you strike you can trigger a preset "chord"....or just keep 
> it monophonic. The last performance I played, I had 5 cellos 
> accompanying a melody...pretty cool once you begin to get creative WITH 
> it's limitations. I really only use this as a peripheral device to 
> enhance what I'm playing with voicings and textures...with other virtual 
> sound samples...I am playing a Stick after all is said n done so I have 
> little interest in convincing the listener that it's anything but that. 
> The additional lush accompanying midi sounds just help the "fullness" of 
> the ideas I'm conveying (especially for solo work) . There's no 
> detectable latency to my ear that it blends perfectly. If I'm playing 
> really really fast I'm usually just playing without the Sonuus. I have 
> noticed that pretty much all lead synths (ala George Duke, Jam Hammer) 
> are really resonsive no matter how fast I play."

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen