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Re: Sonuus anyone?

Hi Michael,
Bidule only permits one audio interface.

Not sure, but if you get hold of the Bidule version that works
as a vst plugin, and host Bidule within Bidule I think you can workaround.
(i.e. the Bidule within Bidule just exists to hook up to the i2M)

Incidently, my feedback was for the Sonuus G2, not the i2M,

Another thing to try is that I remember someone did a Bidule group
to convert pitch to midi. It's on the Bidule forum somewhere.

Hi Per,
afaik Midi pitch bend is essential for really good tracking.
Sometimes the note picked is out by a semitone, and an immediate Pitch bend compensates.
..well it happens with the fast tracking Axon like that.