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Re: EDP beatsync and brothersync

hi Philip,

ok, I have my EDP2 synced to my EDP1 by BeatSync as a try out.

EDP1 is sending out a pulse at the start of each cycle SYNC= OUT

and EDP2 is getting the loop length by measuring the length between pulses 

put them both to SYNC=IN and they'll both track the drum machine.

So, it's one beat per measure...that's the answer.

..but say you did 4 beats per measure you could still stay in sync, if you 
a 4 cycle loop.
(or a synced polyrhythm if you wanted)

I don't know how tight the sync is going to be using the drum machine 
syncing to the pulse is pretty tight.


philip wrote:
Thanks Andy,

So if I understand this correctly, I can send a beat from the 808 to two 
EDPs, I can control them separately but they will be in sync with the 808?

Without having all of the gear in one place, I'm trying to figure this out 
in my mind first--if I have the EDP beatsync receiving the signal from 
lets say the cowbell on the 808, should I have it set for one beat per 
measure, four, 16? Is there any setting that works better than others?