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Re: EDP beatsync and brothersync

Per Boysen wrote:
On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 4:43 PM, philip <philip.ojc@gmail.com> wrote:
So if I understand this correctly, I can send a beat from the 808 to two 
EDPs, I can control them separately but they will be in sync with the 808?

I think "following tempo" is a better term since "sync" may also
include transport functions and that is not part of the beat sync.

interesting distinction, though we've been using the term sync for years 
so I don't suppose that will change.

With Matthias, I called it "Hard Sync" because as well as getting the tempo
there's also adjustments at the loop point.
...but then he's probably forgot ;-) so it's just my affectation.

(just working out the right loop length is never enough on it's own)

Therefore I suggest that you listen to
the EDP's beat pulse output and then use whatever sound and time
division on the 808 that sounds mostly like that.

Matt says the edp will sync to an audio track with a strong beat,
as long as level is set well.