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Re: any interest in a Looper's Delight online radio station?

Jeff, you're theory is the one I believe! All electronic music with 
Tyler Z
On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:47:51 +0000, Jeff Larson wrote:

>I'm sorry, but if this is the bar we're going to set for "looping"
>then just about all electronic music made since, well forever, is
>looping.  Or any recording that has ever used a delay pedal.  Or a
>sequencer.  Or every awful hair band from the 80's with an Ensoniq
>Mirage.  Or every hip-hop record ever made.
>I'm not a live looping purist, I enjoy creative use of pre-recorded
>samples and rhythm patterns, what some refer to as "dj looping".  I
>realize this is a slippery slope argument, but I think there is a line
>between looping and studio processing that just happens to result in
>repetition.  For me I think it is when "live" means performed live,
>but not necessarily recorded live.  Editing a track in ProTools to
>get a little stutter effect is not IMO looping.
>I managed to make it through that Britney song, and it isn't at all
>clear that what she's doing is even looping.  You could achieve the
>same thing just by sustaining a note and editing out chunks of it.
>Let's take a poll, is this looping?
>Grumpy Old Man
>On 6/19/12 10:44 AM, "Tyler" <programmer651@comcast.net> wrote:
>>It might not exist as a STYLE per se, but as a method. There are people
>>(like me) who perk up whenever they
>>hear the Heap sample in Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" repeat (like
>>did she say?" or when they hear Cher "Do you believe in life after love
>>(after love-after love-after
>>love)." In fact, I had never heard of "live" looping until late 2011 when
>>I heard this 
>>guy named Tim Exile on Youtube. I looped long before that though; but I
>>looped in a way that pop
>>artists' producers did. You may think of studio loops as "repetition."
>>Well, look it up; 
>>all sound repetition that is done with the same sample is looping! The
>>only audio repetition that is
>>not looping is when the same notes are played over and over again,
>>manually. But most repetition in pop
>>music is done either with tape (Beatles) or with digital (Derulo). Of
>>course I use 
>>digital; I'm a new-age musician who just started around 2009-2010. But if
>>the same sample 
>>is copied, and then pasted again and again, that is technically a loop; a
>>repetition of the same sample.
>>And, as I said, there are people who perk up when they hear Britney
>>Spears's voice go "I (I, I)
>>wanna go (go, go) all the way (way, way)." Each sample was copied, and
>>pasted a few times.
>>It's still a loop; repetition of the same sample. I wouldn't be surprised
>>if Looper's Delight
>>vol. 1 CD (being the 90s) contained a lot of songs that sounded like pop,
>>but were lesser known. With
>>all the looping done in the studio. Let's just call non-live repetition
>>of samples "studio
>>looping." We want more studio looping in our mp3 players when we click
>>links from the 
>>Looper's Delight mailing list! I mean, come on! It's still looping!
>>Tyler Z
>>On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 17:32:55 +0200, Michael Peters wrote:
>>>oh I'm definitely in favor of the radio station too, and of all kinds of
>>>looping. I just thought that the "closed predesigned loop" thing is more
>>>less indistinguishable nowadays from the computerized way that most pop
>>>is made, anyway. Maybe an interesting discussion topic - does
>>>loop music still exist as distinct method or style? not sure about that