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FW: livelooping.org

hi Tyler (all others can safely ignore this :), 

my private email to you was bounced (your comcast server thinks I'm 
sending spam for some reason) so here's my reply via LD.   


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Peters [mailto:mp@mpeters.de] 
Sent: Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012 21:35
To: 'Tyler'
Subject: RE: livelooping.org

hi Tyler,

yes I heard of m3u - I programmed the complete www.ct-collective.com site 
which uses m3u.  All its pages and all its m3u files are generated from a 
database. Works fine for me.

For livelooping.org - it cannot be "moved to" Loopers Delight because 
Violet, LD founder Kim Flint's widow, doesn't open LD for any changes so 
far, for reasons unknown to me. Neither did she change anything 
substantially on LD so far, so it is still stuck in the 90s. Please ask 
her on the LD list if you can help her with LD, maybe she will change her 

Livelooping.org is hosted on my server but I was not (or very little) 
involved with its development.


-----Original Message-----
From: Tyler [mailto:programmer651@comcast.net] 
Sent: Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012 21:06
To: mp@mpeters.de
Subject: livelooping.org

Okay, I've gained a tiny bit of respect for livelooping.org for its new 
information, but I think it could all be moved to Looper's Delight. LD and 
LL should combine into the ultimate LD. So, this Livelooping player (kind 
of like an online radio station that just plays loop music on shuffle), I 
heard it uses Flash or something. Well, Flash is inaccessible to the blind 
and visually impaired, and our wish is to have a version of every online 
radio station in either pls or m3u. 
Winamp. Have you ever heard of pls and m3u?
Tyler Z