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Re: FW: livelooping.org

Tyler says

. So, this Livelooping player (kind of like an online radio station that just plays loop music on shuffle), I heard it uses Flash or something.

Nope, I'd not use Flash.

It uses php and mysql to generate a web page with a list of links on it.
Those links are played by 'Yahoo Media Player', because that's about the 
way to be 100% cross platform.

Then those 2 elements are hidden from view, using .css

Then there's a custom GUI which gets info via PHP and controls
the player via javascript.

As well as playing everything on shuffle (freshly randomised each load)
it allows you to select a playlist for just the current artist,
assuming that during random play you may come across something that you want to hear more of.
When playing, there's always a link available to the current artists site,
and for the artist's own playlist you get to see their "mission statement",
(or whatever it is they want to write about).

..and of course, there's a loop function for the whole playlist.

Oh, and the process of adding artists, and letting them update their tracks (URLS) is automated.

I don't know if it has much functionality for a visually impaired user, but if they click the link to it, it'll at least play just the same as a m3u.
If you're an expert on that then any input you have is very welcome.