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Re: FW: livelooping.org

Well, blind people use devices (such as Braillenotes and Braille Plus) 
that can only understand mp3 and 
wav and such. They can not understand embedded objects; they need to use 
grab-tube.com or 
other similar site to watch Youtube, because Youtube is embedded media. 
Stations like klulz.com 
play perfectly because of their pls use.
Tyler Z
On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:29:33 +0100, andy butler wrote:

>Tyler says
>>. So, this Livelooping player (kind of like an online radio station that 
>>plays loop music on shuffle), 
>>I heard it uses Flash or something. 
>Nope, I'd not use Flash.
>It uses php and mysql to generate a web page with a list of links on it.
>Those links are played by 'Yahoo Media Player', because that's about the 
>way to be 100% cross platform.
>Then those 2 elements are hidden from view, using .css
>Then there's a custom GUI which gets info via PHP and controls
>the player via javascript.
>As well as playing everything on shuffle (freshly randomised each load)
>it allows you to select a playlist for just the current artist,
>assuming that during random play you may come across something that you 
>to hear more of.
>When playing, there's always a link available to the current artists site,
>and for the artist's own playlist you get to see their "mission 
>(or whatever it is they want to write about).
>..and of course, there's a loop function for the whole playlist.
>Oh, and the process of adding artists, and letting them update 
>their tracks (URLS) is automated.
>I don't know if it has much functionality for a visually impaired user, 
>but if they click the link to it, it'll at least play just the same as a 
>If you're an expert on that then any input you have is very welcome.