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Re: any interest in a Looper's Delight online radio station?

Hi Tyler,

If you search the archives this has been rehashed many times, but I think you are not quite recognizing a specific distinction that the "live-looping" term was designed to define. You seem to be making a distinction between live versus studio use of pre-recorded loops, whereas in my understanding the "liveness" of the term "live-looping" refers to the actual real-time act of recording loops in a live environment. Perhaps you understand this already and if so I apologize. 

I actually think that "looping" is indeed as general as you have defined it, but I also agree with others that in being so general, the term itself is not very interesting or useful these days. It is an extremely pervasive musical technique in that sense and it serves no function as a musical distinction in and of itself. In the most general sense of the term, it is very difficult to distinguish between a recording made up of copy and pasted repeated chords (looping) and a recording of a person repeatedly playing the same chords. They are only different in the live sense. To me, "looping" is a distinction which has no real value, whereas the live-looping distinction, where the creation of the loop becomes the performative and musical act as much as the manipulation of the loop, is a far more interesting and valuable distinction. You just can't hear that process on a studio recording which happens to have repeated samples as well as you can experience that process when a musician uses technology in a live setting to create loops in real-time. 

All that is my long-winded saying I agree with others that a radio station that plays *any* music with loops would not be interesting to me without some further delineation of exactly what kind of loops you are talking about. 


On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Tyler <programmer651@comcast.net> wrote:
It might not exist as a STYLE per se, but as a method. There are people (like me) who perk up whenever they
hear the Heap sample in Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" repeat (like "what-what-what-what-what
did she say?" or when they hear Cher "Do you believe in life after love (after love-after love-after
love)." In fact, I had never heard of "live" looping until late 2011 when I heard this
guy named Tim Exile on Youtube. I looped long before that though; but I looped in a way that pop
artists' producers did. You may think of studio loops as "repetition." Well, look it up;
all sound repetition that is done with the same sample is looping! The only audio repetition that is
not looping is when the same notes are played over and over again, manually. But most repetition in pop
music is done either with tape (Beatles) or with digital (Derulo). Of course I use
digital; I'm a new-age musician who just started around 2009-2010. But if the same sample
is copied, and then pasted again and again, that is technically a loop; a repetition of the same sample.
And, as I said, there are people who perk up when they hear Britney Spears's voice go "I (I, I)
wanna go (go, go) all the way (way, way)." Each sample was copied, and pasted a few times.
It's still a loop; repetition of the same sample. I wouldn't be surprised if Looper's Delight
vol. 1 CD (being the 90s) contained a lot of songs that sounded like pop, but were lesser known. With
all the looping done in the studio. Let's just call non-live repetition of samples "studio
looping." We want more studio looping in our mp3 players when we click links from the
Looper's Delight mailing list! I mean, come on! It's still looping!
Tyler Z
On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 17:32:55 +0200, Michael Peters wrote: