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RE: any interest in a Looper's Delight online radio station?

It might not exist as a STYLE per se, but as a method. There are people 
(like me) who perk up whenever they 
hear the Heap sample in Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" repeat (like 
did she say?" or when they hear Cher "Do you believe in life after love 
(after love-after love-after 
love)." In fact, I had never heard of "live" looping until late 2011 when 
I heard this 
guy named Tim Exile on Youtube. I looped long before that though; but I 
looped in a way that pop 
artists' producers did. You may think of studio loops as "repetition." 
Well, look it up; 
all sound repetition that is done with the same sample is looping! The 
only audio repetition that is 
not looping is when the same notes are played over and over again, 
manually. But most repetition in pop 
music is done either with tape (Beatles) or with digital (Derulo). Of 
course I use 
digital; I'm a new-age musician who just started around 2009-2010. But if 
the same sample 
is copied, and then pasted again and again, that is technically a loop; a 
repetition of the same sample. 
And, as I said, there are people who perk up when they hear Britney 
Spears's voice go "I (I, I) 
wanna go (go, go) all the way (way, way)." Each sample was copied, and 
pasted a few times. 
It's still a loop; repetition of the same sample. I wouldn't be surprised 
if Looper's Delight 
vol. 1 CD (being the 90s) contained a lot of songs that sounded like pop, 
but were lesser known. With 
all the looping done in the studio. Let's just call non-live repetition of 
samples "studio 
looping." We want more studio looping in our mp3 players when we click 
links from the 
Looper's Delight mailing list! I mean, come on! It's still looping!
Tyler Z
On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 17:32:55 +0200, Michael Peters wrote:

>oh I'm definitely in favor of the radio station too, and of all kinds of 
>looping. I just thought that the "closed predesigned loop" thing is more 
>less indistinguishable nowadays from the computerized way that most pop 
>is made, anyway. Maybe an interesting discussion topic - does 
>loop music still exist as distinct method or style? not sure about that