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Repeater Touch OSC template

I have been working on a Touch OSC template for the Repeater, for use with the Missing Link, here is is:


and It looks like this:


There are some refinements to be made and Im planing a second page now with ideas for track slip things. Like what happens if you double press a track reverse... well that track is now out of synch, so I need to have a way to put it back to normal. Plus I cant figure out how to divide the track slips numbers into sensible time divisions...

Lets take a stroll around it?
Basically on the left hand side is the transport controls. At the top, the global controls, and at the bottom left individual track controls (something that was very hard to get to in the hardware.. a two handed key combo!)
Moving round in a clockwise fashion...
Bottom middle is  the mixer controls, with pan, and to the bottom right is the pitch sliders for each track, you can freely wiggle theses and they are quantised to semitones, (the red buttons returns them to normal)
The section above in the middle and to the right is the Chord Pre-set section. This takes some explaining. It only really makes sense if I describe it thus. IF you record a single droning note onto ALL FOUR channels (or or REsample one track 3 times) then, by pressing one of these buttons you will get THAT chord. The labeling of the chords MAY not be musically correct, I discussed this at length with Rick, but never quite was sure if this was correct. Basically, if you press the button that says v (small v) you get a minor chord, a fifth away from the root (the drone note you entered) a V is major. Of course the application of this section is somewhat limited to one effect (that is my sig sound really) but think what you can do if you play 4 tracks (on the same not) but very differently, 1 drone, 1 rythmic chug, 1 wild frenzy and a minimal twinckle.. then when you change chords, the rythyms are retained but the chords play.
Finally at the top of the template is a big old slider for the tape emulation slow down effect. Just cos you can (remember this doesnt work if you are currently synching to midi, but you can just hit the synch button while you do this... horrible... over-used effect...)

Ill try to make some audio example soon...

BTW its assuming you are using channel 1 on the Repeater.

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe