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Funny little instrumental looping piece: for former or current Windows 98 / XP users

Hello! Have any of you ever used Windows XP and/or Windows 98? Did you 
enjoy the sounds 
it made? When it booted up, when you clicked a link, when you checked your 
email and at least one new 
message came in? Didn't you hate that BONK sound it made when there was an 
error? Well, there 
is a loop-based remix of all those sounds on Youtube. I don't know who 
made it, but it was 
posted by Youtube user Something Unreal, and I'm guessing they did it. So, 
here is the Windows 
98/xp sound remix: includes log-on, error, email, click, and many more 
sounds you know from the 
old Microsoft days.
Tyler Z