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RE: Rang III question and also I need help with clipping and distortion problem.

I have a Boomerang III and Side Car. I use it with my saxophone rig. I was having problems with clipping but I solved them. The way I did this was through the use of a Radial JCR Re-Amp box, and an FMR Audio ARC compression pedal. You have to remember that the Boomerang was designed to be the first thing that a guitar plugs into before the signal goes to the amp, and electric guitar signals are extremely weak and quiet. The Boomerang is designed to handle instrument level signals. Well, with the saxophone I am going through a mic preamp that has a line level (+4dB) output, and that's far too hot for the Boomerang, and it was clipping all over the place. The device that is needed to bring line level signals down to instrument level is a Re-Amp box. Go to the Radial Engineering website and look up the JCR ReAmp. That's the point of entry on my pedalboard for signal. So, now everything is down to instrument level, but I still want to control the dynamics so I go through the FMR Audio ARC compression pedal. It's a very musical sounding compression pedal, and it does a great job of smoothing things out. So, now I can use more gain on the Boomerang and use all of the digital headroom in it for the best audio quality. At the end of my signal path on the pedalboard is a Radial JDI Duplex direct box that goes to a stereo mic pre (Langevin Dual Vocal Combo) , and I am back up to line levels, it's either to the PA or recording. Works great. Sounds great.

On Jun 21, 2012 9:30 AM, "Sergio G" <simpliflying@gmail.com> wrote: