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Re: Rang III question and also I need help with clipping and distortion problem.

thanks for the tipps, sounds interesting, but, are you saying then that I cannot connect all the instrument to a mixer and then the mixer to the Rang without another gear which transform the mixer line signal in instrument level signal?

Most (usually all)  outputs on a mixer have a volume control,
in which case you *can* go direct to an instrument input.
There's no problem with that.

I don't know about the Boomerang, but other loopers with instrument
level inputs have plenty of headroom. This is just a 'gain staging' issue, essentially you can indeed connect all instruments to the mixer, and put the Rang on the output of the mixer,
as long as you go easy on the mixer output level.

Then the Rang output will be your main output.

It looks like the Rang always passes the dry signal, so you don't
want to be using it on an aux send of the mixer and bringing back into a 
channel. (Rang users, please say if that's wrong).
(some mixers will offer a workaround for this)

It's a really bad idea to add extra gear as a first resort, it's much 
better to seek a solution with what you already have.
I wouldn't advise you to use a compressor until you've
tried simply getting the levels right.
A compressor will tend to increase problems of feedback, and of unwanted bleed of sounds into the loop.

ps. respect to Bennet, his setup is different to yours.