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Greetings plus (unexpected) Product Update


I've been lurking on this list for a few months, and was happy to find it! 
 I've been interested in electronic music, and loop-oriented music with 
more traditional instruments, for a while...

After purchasing a RiffBox 4 years ago, I began writing music that 
*always* included a prominent looping element.

I'm in the process now of reconfiguring my guitar pedal board to improve 
the looping capabilities, and will probably have some questions about this 
in the (near) future...

But for now, I wanted to pass along an expected product update from 
Backline Engineering. I'd emailed them a few weeks ago to casually ask if 
they were planning on adding MIDI sync in a future OS update.

And I received this response back:

"We are working on a new generation of RiffBox, but it won't be available 
for 6 months or so."

I haven't heard anything about this anywhere else, so I think it qualifies 
as news! I wish there were more details, but wanted to at least pass this 
along :)