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Re: Vox Lil Looper vs LP-2 vs Delaylab-with-external-battery

I purchased a Lil Looper several months back and (although I haven't been able to loop for at least a month due to moving to another state in the US) was impressed by this low cost unit. It sounds very clean and has enough features that a read of the manual is necessary after a while. I am also interested in obtaining an LP-2 though. I am wondering if these are shipping now or if the manufacturer is taking care of back orders and & earlier problem units.
I am also pondering if the Boss RC-300 would be a worthwhile purchase (I had the previous incarnation and it took up a lot of real estate). It is in the price range of the Pigtronix Infinity Looper (which, to my knowledge is still not shipping to the general public). Wonder what would be a better purchase - the Boss or "Pig".
Anyway, the Lil Looper is real easy to use and is not too picky about input levels. Christ, it's only $149.00 or so. I haven't tried the microphone selection input but will in the next couple weeks as I plan on purchasing another microphone to mike up my guitar cab.
Regards, Paul

From: Christopher Darrow <thedarrow@gmail.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 2:17 PM
Subject: Vox Lil Looper vs LP-2 vs Delaylab-with-external-battery

The local store seems to never be actually getting in the Vox Lil Looper I've been waiting to try out so I'm hoping someone here with practical hands on experience with that and maybe one or both of these others might chime in with a word or two.

Vox Lil Looper is tied with LP-2 in my mind... both are battery powered, LP-2 has more functions but the Lil Looper is small and simple.

It doesn't look like any of them have loop copy.  (The third option is the Delay lab, but no battery power built in and it looks like less features actual looping functions, though I like the general form factor and look... if I go for big and featured over small and simple.)

If they did have loop copy, or if it's possible one will in the near future via an update or something, that might do it.

My questions are: Do they feel "natural" and "right" (both in how your foot feels pressing it and the immediacy of execution. Sound and ease of use live? Thoughts about specific functions the LP-2 has to offer the Lil Looper doesn't. Like, it appears to have some sort of quantize function... does that somehow work even when not synced to a midi clock or just when there's a midi clock signal to show it where the one (or whatever, I'm a midiot... basically looking for that "lame duck" period as in the Echoplex manual.)

Anywhoo.... thoughts welcome since it looks like I'll have to choose without touching them myself. This is to be more like a sketch pad then an actual performance hub so price and simplicity and compactness steer me towards the Lil Looper, but I worry it'll feel crappy and toy-ish and that I'll grow board without more advanced functions, like half speed.