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Re: Trimming posts &/or taking it off list (was Re: US Tour dates to and from Y2KX+2)

I was having a similar problem a while back. I thought that it would be 
great if we all switched to a standard Internet forum type of format, like 
TheGearPage, Gearslutz, or just about every other forum that I use. That 
way I could read the topics that interested me and ignore the rest. I 
realized that it wasn't going to happen. There is a forum like that for 
loopers, but no one uses it. The people's whose posts I love to read all 
post here. 

I found a way to get almost all of the benefits of a forum without anyone 
(except me) changing a thing. Here's what I did:

philip.ojc@gmail.com is one of my many email addresses. It is dedicated to 
LD. I only see it on my mail feed at home--not on my iPhone or my laptop. 
I use my email server (Mail [mac]) several times a day, but I don't wade 
through LD messages unless I choose to check the new messages in the inbox 
on my dedicated LD email account.

I don't know how your server works, but if your server is like Mail, you 
can get threads to show up as a group of however many messages are in the 
thread. If the subject line interests me, I can click on the thread and 
read through the messages from start to finish. Cool thing is, when I want 
to find something on the EDP for example, I can do a search through the 
thousands of LD mails and find threads that discuss it in the messages or 
the subject line. I can also search for posts by Rick Walker or Per or 
Kay'lon. I haven't worked all of the bugs out yet. Mainly, I can't see my 
own posts, but fortunately for me (and UNfortunately for you), a lot of 
people quote previous posts, so if I scroll through the thread I can 
usually see the dumb comments that I posted and what people are responding 

Just an idea.