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Re: new Touch page on LL.org

sorry for that! fixed now...

On 14.10.2012, at 15:42, Z wrote:

Great page. Would love if you'd not forget our own iOS livelooping app: loopr .
Still a version 1.0 , but hey, it's an iOS looper too and we're quite a few using it for our live sessions. As previously mailed here, I've got a few promo copies for those of you who would be interested in using it.
And you can check the app in sounds and videos on the www.loopr.net website.
Thanks, and cheers,

On 14 oct. 2012, at 20:07, Matthias Grob wrote:


I wrote a new page about the touch screen options that will become important for most of us, I suspect

your experiences and reviews are welcome on the site!