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Re: new Touch page on LL.org

I'd like to point out that the iOS app "Loopy" can be controlled by MIDI, which to us means our feet... :)

Totally agree with you Per.
One of the main reason for our own app development. Apps like Loopy or EveryDay Looper (great apps by the way), are however very poor for live-looping if you need your hands and fingers for some other more important things (like playing the music or interacting with the public for instance ;) ). So 'most promising' is a bit awkward without better explanation.

On 14 oct. 2012, at 20:44, Per Boysen wrote:

 Ok, then. I think it is great with an iOS/Android resource page. Would
 be cool with user reviews of apps there as well.

 I'm not sure about the meaning of the first sentence "Touch control is
 the most promising interface for musicians!". If one says something is
 "the most promising" one must explain why. I can imagine touch control
 is the most promising interface for musicians that operate their
 musical instruments entirely by feet, but that's rare :-). For normal
 musicians I would consider pedal control to be the most promising
 interface, for the reason that it can be combined with playing
 instruments. Well not just promising, it is actually delivering.

 But some aspects of the touch screen technology is "most promising" I
 think; that would not be the interface itself but the big number of
 exciting applications being developed for the platform.

 Greetings from Sweden

 Per Boysen

 On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> 

I wrote a new page about the touch screen options that will become important
 for most of us, I suspect

 your experiences and reviews are welcome on the site!