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Re: mixing & mastering

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:57 AM, Jack Cattedra
<the_beat_conductor@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I was wondering how you go about mixing & mastering your live 
> performances?

Mixing is part of the performance so I only do mastering to the stereo
recording of the main output. Mastering I do is balancing sound of all
frequency bands through-out the track (for example, you might get a
500 khz "bump" at a particular note attack and then I automate down
that range for just that note keep a natural sound) and applying a
little compression to make it sound more musical (but not multi
frequency compression, if that would be needed I regard it a
performance mistake in the first place).

> I've seen some live looping rigs that have effects like reverb & stereo
> phaser - is having the right settings something that is pre-meditated or 
> do
> you just sculpt as you go and whatever the result is, remains?

Both in my case. I perform switching between several "patches" that
each one has its unique chain of effects and also unique dynamic
effect control by expression pedals, faders, buttons, switches and
knobs. I regard the patches part of the instrument I play and settings
can be quite badly altered in the heat of the action so I have the rig
set up in the way that every time a patch is recalled it comes up with
my own default (pre perfected) settings (mixer, levels, timbre,
effects). With the instant total recall option you can get bold and
trash settings without the risk of loosing anything. Even if a
trash-down action doesn't lead into something musically meaningful it
will still work as an interesting "break-down" or "stick" given you
get out in time and land "on your feet" (= a new fresh patch that
brings the mix back to normal). So this is why I prefer recording the
main output as one stereo file rather than capturing multiple channels
as separate audio files.

The above method is just one I use, but my fav regarding live looping.
I record in many other ways as well.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen