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LP1 for sale UPDATE

I should've posted this as a comment on the for sale message I posted 
earlier, but my mail software doesn't allow me to see the messages that I 

I have received several offers to buy the LP1 that I listed for sale, but 
I have decided NOT to sell it until I find out about the new firmware. I 
hear that Rick Walker is testing it out right now. I've had MIDI sync 
problems with the LP1 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this update 
will actually materialize and solve those problems. If it doesn't happen, 
I will be selling. My stuff is based on syncing my guitar and noise loops 
to beats on old Roland x0x gear.

Right now I'm using three EDPs, which still doesn't come close to what I 
could do with a fully operational LP1. If things don't work out, I will 
post another for sale message and get back to the people who contacted me.

Happy looping!