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Re: Re: Any news on the LP1?

In addition to the new 1.4 software, Bob suggested that there is also a planned firmware upgrade. Any news on that, Rick?

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 9:16 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
The Y2K12 Looping Festival has made me delay by one week, but I've been given
1.4, which has all the fixes for the buggy (but more feature laden) 1.39, to beta test.
Bob has put a lot of effort into it recently and is working on it now, as we speak.

It's a much longer story, but the problems getting a steady workable LP-2 Mini Looper out to the market
coupled with a job of his that has been eating up 55+ hours a week have led to the delays.

He's not shipping LP-2s.  It was demonstrated by Bill Walker last night at touch the looper and I'll be using
mine at the Y2k12 Loopfest this coming weekend with no problems and enhance fidelity from the first iteration,
so I think things are finally moving again in Looperlative land, thankful to say.

Rick Walker

On 10/18/12 3:32 PM, Rob Campbell wrote:

Latest firmware is 1.39 (18 months ago), but reports were mixed on that version citing that previously stable features had been broken.  (not the first time the upgrades had that issue).  Some people say 1.34 was the last stable version.  That says something. (google:  'looperlative 1.34 stable' )