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Re: Another Y2K is in the books

Sad to have missed you all this year.   From what I have heard on youtube, 
it seems you had a wonderful festival.

Loop on!

On Oct 23, 2012, at 7:50 PM, William Walker wrote:

> Thanks Rick for another great festival, once again the house is empty 
> and I've said goodbye to old friends and new. I had gigs on Friday night 
> and part of Saturday that caused me to miss some performances , but what 
> I did see was some great music and a celebration of diversity like no 
> other festival I can think of. It was great to hear Joe Gore play, he 
> has an absolutely staggering command of sound design using  mainstage 
> and logic often employing several distinct yet complimentary sounds in 
> the course of a song. interestingly enough he loops with a boomerang 
> rather  than a soft looper.  i miss everyone already, it was an 
> excellent event that seems too short once its over.
> Bill