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Re: OT: Vocoders...

I have to mention that I have quite a few vocoders in various guises, probably the best is in my Korg MS2000R rack mount synth. Im guessing its the same as in the micro korg, which I also have, sounds very simerlar, but with different synth engines as the musical part its still sounds diffferent.

When you say "proper" do you man 2 inputs? I also have a vocoder section in the Roland EF303... and thats very warm (but unintelligible with voice)

No I was wondering about the Electro Harmonix cos A) they are small and B) EH stuff is usually... er different... Juts looking for a small footprint really. NOT another rack mount, though if a Roland SVX (or whatever its called) came my way, I´d prob reorganise the rack!!!

One day I will by back the Korg VC10, I cant remember if it was any good, but it started my love for them.

In answer to how I use it, well actually I have used it in a variety of ways. Once I used to just have the 2 inputs patched to to send on my desk, so send anything to anywhere kind of danger...
Recently Ive been using drum machine as the source and synth as the carrier.. but Ive also put a feed from both EDPs into each input (this is on the Korg MS2000 By the way)...

So you get 1 loop, another loop, and a loop that is made from the pitch of one loop and the rhythm of the other...

Im not a huge fan of the talking synth sound, although the Czukay piece is wonderful, and cant crit O Superman.


On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:
Not the ones you did mention, but:

1.  The Zoom 1201 has a proper Vocoder (albeit with very few tweaking options), and it's dead cheap. Rick Walker uses one as his secret niceprice weapon (and has removed the description on the knobs in front so it becomes an aleatoric machine ;)
2. I'm repeating myself here, but the Nord Modular series also has a nice (and highly configurable) vocoder.

Thanks for that Czukay recommendation, and I need to try that "carrier/analyze with delay in between" trick. What do you use it on? Melodies, drums, whole mixes? (Well then again, I can find out myself ;)


>I'm researching Vocoders(not plugins)

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe