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Re: OT: Vocoders...

Am 25.10.12 19:12, schrieb Per Boysen:
Sorry, no offense meant! :-)  Just wondering if someone happens to
know some product out there that works like the Vocalive but can sound
more "vocodish" even with chords - and picking up the chords from an
audio input typically coming from a guitar etc.

I just looked up VocaLive, it is not a vocoder, its a harmonizer plus some other toys... If you want a more "vocodish" sound you do need a vocoder instead. Either use the guitar directly as carrier, or use a synth and a guitar-to-Midi converter.

The iVoxel from VirSyn seems to be a vocoder application for the iPad which does seem to haven an polyphonic internal synth...



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