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Re: Another Y2K is in the books

Back home after 4 days driving with little sleep, but lots of time to think about directions with looping. I think for me the key is less technology, and finding more creative ways of using my instrument, finding all the voices that you don't expect to hear from the dulcimer. I was so impressed with Lori and the others that were doing such amazing creative things with just their voice and a looper. All in all, a great experience, and I look forward to going back with fresh ideas to use next year.

All the best,

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

At 08:04 PM 10/25/2012, you wrote:
A delayed response, but I did want to chime in and say thanks again to Rick, Bill, Maha and all the artists and attendees for making my first Loopfest a wonderful experience. I managed to see all but 5 artists over the whole festival, and loved the diversity between us all. In fact, my next show after the festival (Monday), I ended up reorganizing some of my pedals, etc, just to try out some new sounds that I had been hearing over the weekend. I can't wait to get home to the rest of my piles of gear to try something else new!

Thanks again, and hopefully we'll see you next year!

Jean-Paul De Roover
(807) 251-3376