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2 sec delay??

I have been thinking about the hexe revolver pedal, which is billed as a 2 sec glitch looper that can go down or up 2octaves... I think it's out of my range...
SO I was going to rethink my loop needs I  , mainly  use my digitech dl8 for 2 sec of delay looping or less
Can anyone recommend a newish 2sec delay that can do the vari-speed options -slows down or speeds up...  
I have honestly debated debuting either an ibanez de7 or a Guyatone md3-both did 2.6 sec of delay where you could modulate the time- instead of the newish delay model of just sort of warping/glitching the notes.. And it doesn't really hold the notes at all...just curious if anyone had any suggestions outside of my knowledge base... Thanks , s----