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Re: OT: Vocoders...

On Oct 24, 2012, at 12:34 AM, mark francombe wrote:

Chiming in here to say that I still have and use and LOVE my Roland VP-330 MK1 Vocoder Plus!

(There's also other sources forVP-330  info all over Thee Web)

By the way, the reason for my renewed interest in Vocoders is THIS amazing book...

Oh, indeed!  I purchased it right after it was published. FASCINATING history and FUN reading!   Highly REVcommended reading!

but its written from the point of view of someone who seriously LOVES vocoders!!

No damn kidding!  A true Labor of Love.

It was the vocoders in Kraftwerk, the Vocoders in Laurie Ansersen, even the vocoders in ELO that hooked me.

My first taste for the vocoder addiction came from Wendy Carlos way back in 1971 with excerpts of her original composition "Timesteps" and also her electronic transposition of the "Chorale" from Beethoven's "9th Symphony" and the original composition "Country Lane",  all featured in Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". And then of course, later along came Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson and some others. (I never was an ELO fan.).  BTW, the ENTIRE "Timesteps" is a mindblower if ye've never heard ALL of it!

And when I got a Korg VC10 (from a member of Temple ov Psychick Youth)

Ah yes...TOPY. I'm gonna go see Gen's new PTV rock band here in Portlandia on Nov 10th.  Should be fun.  But, I digress.... :-)

in the late 80s, I was putting every thing thru it... drum machines on the voice input orchestras on the music input, my guitar routinely went thru it  but on the voice input,
while a whole sub-mix of the rest of the band went in the music input... no one knew where that extra "organ" sound came from...

I did pretty much the same with the VP-300.  I ran all kinds of things thru it. STILL do! 

Best Vocoder album ever (and I heard lots)
Holger Czukay, "On the way to the peak of normal"

ANY solo album by Holger is SUPERB!   Highly REVcommended!


On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 8:54 AM, Tyler <programmer651@comcast.net> wrote:
My looper friend and I really like this thing called Microkorg. It has a vocoder built in!
Tyler Z
On Wed, 24 Oct 2012 08:23:42 +0200, mark francombe wrote:

>I'm researching Vocoders(not plugins)

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe