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Re: Re: Another Y2K is in the books

On 10/26/12 6:19 PM, Sylvain Poitras wrote:
I'm slowly readjusting to life without constant looping discussion...

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to perform at this year's
festival and I'd like to think Rick and everyone involved (in
particular, Bill, Nancy, Chris and Maha really made me feel welcomed
and I appreciate their efforts to make this festival happen).

It was really wonderful to have you here, Sylvain and very nice, I must say to have such a talented bunch of Canadian loopers respresenting this year, all with really
different approaches to their artistry.

I think that this festival was as diverse stylistically, as any we've had so far.

Fascinating in it's difference from other festivals, there were very few ambient guitarists
and very few EDP artists this year.

It all just went to quickly for me and I'm more than a little sad that everyone is gone.

But next summer is going to ROCK!!!!!!     all over the world.

Rick Walker