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Amazing thing happened at Y2K12

One of our volunteers,  Todd Kramer,  brought his
son,  Neville to the the Y2K12 loop festival.

While Todd graciously did the door, Neville had his eyes glued to the stage.
He saw many performances (as well as with his dad when he wasn't working).

Maha told me that he went to his school right afterwards and beatboxed
for the kids and then taught them how to do it. He also taught them about live looping,
which they didn't know about.

He also said that one of his favorite artists was Stan Card (aka Stanosaur) who only
used high volume feedback to create his looping performance.

Afterwards, Neville went home and put microphones into different drums, turned up the volume to create feedback and then manipulated the feedback as he looped the
results live.  All on his own.

Neville is 9 years old!

All the hard work we did for the festival this year was worth it if only for this story of creativity, growth and excitement. This story is so inspiring to me. I'm going to
go out and put mics in my drum and create some feedback today.

Rick Walker