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Re: Amazing thing happened at Y2K12

I love this story!  Educate and Inspire loopers!   What a great community.

On Oct 27, 2012, at 1:25 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

> One of our volunteers,  Todd Kramer,  brought his
> son,  Neville to the the Y2K12 loop festival.
> While Todd graciously did the door,  Neville had his eyes glued to the 
> stage.
> He saw many performances (as well as with his dad when he wasn't 
> working).
> Maha told me that he went to his school right afterwards and beatboxed
> for the kids and then taught them how to do it.   He also taught them 
> about live looping,
> which they didn't know about.
> He also said that one of his favorite artists was Stan Card (aka 
> Stanosaur) who only
> used high volume feedback to create his looping performance.
> Afterwards,  Neville went home and put microphones into different drums, 
> turned up
> the volume to create feedback and then manipulated the feedback as he 
> looped the
> results live.  All on his own.
> Neville is 9 years old!
> All the hard work we did for the festival this year was worth it if only 
> for this story of
> creativity, growth and excitement.   This story is so inspiring to me.   
> I'm going to
> go out and put mics in my drum and create some feedback today.
> Rick Walker