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Mobius in Mainstage Mishaps and Misses

The looping fest in Santa Cruz was awesome, and I was honored to be 
invited to do vocal looping.  

I performed for the first time with Mobius hosted in Mainstage at the 
Y2K12 in Santa Cruz, with mixed results.  I appreciated everyone's 
positive comments on my set, and felt alright about it, but I am somewhat 
of a perfectionist, so I was hoping to get some help here on a couple 
problems that I had.

Three main problems I experienced:

I use a nanoKontroller to mix, mute, and pan directly to Mobius, but I 
also like to use the keyboard keys sometimes for things like Record ("r"), 
Multiply ("m"), Mute ("u"), etc.  But, when I try to use the keys on my MB 
Pro, they either didn't respond, or did something completely different 
from what they do when I use Mobius as a standalone with the 
nanoKontroller.  It seems to be something to do with using Mobius as a 

Also, if, for example, I want to switch to loop two on track one by 
pressing the down arrow on the MB keyboard, nothing happens.  So, I was 
forced to stick to the same loop in every track while using Mobius with 
Mainstage.  This meant that in any of my pieces where I used multiple 
loops on the same track (usually never more than 4 loops), I had to use 
Mobius as a standalone, as I have always done in the past, without 

Also, for some reason some of the other plugins didn't seem to work, such 
as the Apple pedalboard plugin which I had intended to use vocally for 
fuzz and delay effects, but this may have just been my own user error.  

Do you have any insight for me on how to use Mobius as a plugin with 
Mainstage, and still have the MB Pro's keyboard functionality redundantly 
with the nanoKontroller's buttons, so I can use one or the other as 
desired on the fly?