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Re: I want to take on an IDM style of looping


"How to kill your darlings"

A lot of the success in IDM producing has to do with finding ways to
break free from your own limitations. If you just listen and play
along "like a musician" your playing will be based on how you are used
to play; your finger's muscle memory and music you have heard and
liked. Right now I remembered this interview with Deadmau5: His trick
for transcending this limitation is to jam like crazy and record
everything. He plays anything, drum machine, analog synths, sequences
them while going wild on their filters, waveform controls etc. Then he
stuffs away all instruments and brings the recorded stereo files into
a computer to cut out pieces that he think sounds fun. Sometimes a
number of snippets can be put together into a new IDM compositions and
sometimes he adds additional stuff on top of that.

Working with Mobius can be done in the same method as in the Deadmau5
example. Set up some super wild scripts, apply them to your audio
input (your playing?) while having Mobius snag a full performance
stereo file of the main output. When you're done, remember to Save
Project before turning off Mobius so you will also get all loops you
created in the frenzy, neatly presented on the disc in folders named
after track number and loop number. Finally, number three: remember to
take note of the Mobius tempo in case you will splice snippets
together in a DAW with option of tempo synced effects. Quite often
when I have used this method I have found, to my surprise, that the
best music comes out when I don't use much at all from the performance
recording (my playing) but rather stick together parts of the separate
loops. Here's a sounding example of such a Mobius IDM thing where no
original input signal was kept, just the looped material:

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen