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Re: OT: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree


I have to say, that that was infectious and pretty slick...and put a smile 
on my face.

Happy holidays to you, and a prosperous 2013 to follow.



On Dec 6, 2012, at 5:24 PM, Jean-Paul De Roover wrote:

> Hey everyone!
> It's that time of year, so I wanted to send out a link to my rendition 
> of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" which we just finished a few 
> hours ago. 
> If you remember, last year I did a salsa version of O Holy Night. This 
> year, I invited a great little blues/swing family band to join me. Mark 
> Potvin & The Potvin Horns were really fun to work with, and the result 
> is a blend of live instruments, an a cappella percussion section, some 
> loops created using a Line 6 M13, and of course, tons of harmonies. 
> You can listen to it on my website www.jeanpaulderoover.com, where you 
> can also download it for free.
> Happy holidays everyone!
> -- 
> Jean-Paul De Roover
> www.jeanpaulderoover.com
> (807) 251-3376