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Re: Tennis Elbow OT

I've not been reading this thread, so my comment is only based on this 

anecdotally, I've used acupuncture (10 or so times in my life) to treat a variety of injury related pains, and, while 9 times out of ten I couldn't tell if it actually helped, the last time I used it for a really painful shoulder, as the needle went in, I felt a small spasm in that shoulder, and it released.

my overall take on receiving healing treatments, regardless of the science behind it, is that it's always a crapshoot.. they call a doctors business 'a practice' for a reason.. :)


Quoting andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>:

Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:
Main reason acupuncture is not understood is because the "theory" behind it
is total fantasy.
(and also it's claimed to cure almost anything...that's usually
a sure sign that a treatment cures nothing)

Wow, that's a pretty hard assessment.  How is it fantasy?

good question,

as I understand it, it's based on the existence meridian lines that are undetectable by any process, and a philosphy of ying and yang that makes some very far fetched assertions.

To say "total" fantasy is an overstatement of course, but
my point is that if acupuncture is genuinely useful
it's because it has a quantifiable physical effect on the
body, not because it is magic.

Just asking you know.

just answering