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Re: community colaboration

Of course you said nothing wrong, Matthias ;)

Thanks a bunch for all the efforts, to you and all others in here.
Though not a looper per se, I learn a lot about a great many things in 


Matthias Grob wrote:
did I say something wrong?
do you think we have employees to unsub you? you need to do this yourself, just the way you subed, sending a mail (instructions on the loopers-delight.com)

On 26.12.2012, at 02:16, Christopher Clark wrote:


Please unsub me. Thanks.

On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote:


today is a day of peace and gratitude!
this time of the year, may people have some spare time to clean up or do 
some special things...

so if you feel any gratitude for this community, people like Kim Flint, 
Michael Peters, Rick Walker, Andy Butler, Per Boysen, Bill Walker, Andree 
LaFosse, David Kirchdorffer, Claude Voit, Gary Hall, Jeff Larson, Jessy 
Chappell, Mike Nelson, Bob Amstadt, Keith McMillen,,,, and all those I 
forgot right now but contributed a bit more than just reading and posting 
questions... but really spent time to explain things, create tools, build 
sites, run servers,,,

... well, even if you do not feel any gratitude, but want your link to 
appear on a site with a 300 (new) visitors/day...

... consider a tiny contribution - no, not money, some information!

      whatever text you read and was helpful for you may be so for many 
      whatever you experienced and others may experience and need your 
      search for it again, improve it a little, add some newer view, 
maybe, or the previous posts...

              ...and give it back to the community!

• if its an interesting ongoing discussion, post it on the livelooping.org 
forum, so it will be easily visible and the discussion about it can go on forever 
(on facebook and mailing list we rarely pick up older things even if important)

• if it is complete as it is, maybe its a page for the 
http://Livelooping.org site ?
so send it to Nick:  nick (at) 1957.me.uk

it can be a gear review, just write about the tool you know well!
it can be looping trick, a way to build and evolve that not everybody 
knows yet
it can be a deeper feeling, a philosophical view of what we do, a hint to 
the purpose of all this
it can be about some important looper, a biography or concert reveiew...
it can be what you think it should be!



van Sinn