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Re: Music Notation symbols for loops?

On 12/30/2012 1:06 PM, Buzap Buzap wrote:
Hi folks

I've focused more on reading/writing/transcribing music lately.
I was wondering: are there any commmon, modern music notation symbols for notating loops?

Sure, you can always use the normal repeat bars and repetition symbols. But especially for contemporary popular music, it would be neat to define i.e. some loope patterns (possibly different lengths) for various instruments, then reuse them in a score and notate the lead voice over it.

Basically, it's how a lot of people write songs in a DAW - but as sheet music notation.

Any suggestions?

best regards

If I read you correctly,  then you might have notation for different loops that had different loop lengths which could be represented as in a typical orchestral score
with each different stave representing a single loop over which you could notate a melody.

It might be more accurate however, just to write out the individual loops content and cut and paste it into subsequent measures all the way out through the end of the piece
with , again,  an entire stave per 'loop' and the melody written out in real time notation over the top of it.

Musically,  this might be a better approach because as the loops below it interact, polymetrically or poly rhythmicall (as the case may be),  the lead melody
line will be able to be compared with what is actually happening at the given point in the composition.    Where the loops intersect, even if you are only
composing diatonically,  will reharmonize the melody depending on where they intersect.     As a matter of fact, this is kind of a cool approach to take, viz a vis
something like "In a Silent Way"   or "Bitches Brew" from Miles Davis.