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Realistic drum programming/recording for songs

Hi folks

I'd like to lay down somewhat realistic acoustic drums for song writing 
purposes (pop ballads, funk, latin, world) in home recording environment.
Currently, I program drums in Logic Pro. I also have an acoustic drum set 
at work where I can play basic drum grooves that reasonably ok.
However, I don't have a good sounding kit and have no experience 
whatsoever with drum micing.

My current approach is basically similar to this:
First, I lay down basic patterns in Logic Ultrabeat. Then, I tweak the 
timing in piano roll. Last - and this is the most time consuming part - I 
tweak velocities, create ghost notes, rolls in HyperEdit mode.

How should I proceed next?
My current thoughts:

Get a real hi-hat machine + snare, set them up with mics. (e-drum cymbals 
never sound realistic enough for me, don't like snares on e-drums either 
for funky stuff).
For the rest, use e-drum kick pedals, pads etc.

Go the software road (i.e. Superior Drummer) and dive deeper into drum 

With drum programming, I can get fairly realistic results. I'm very 
flexible, can start with basic patterns and can refine/change things over 
time. However, the process is time consuming & seemingly endless...

With real drum set, there is the beauty of playing immediately the right 
groove with a gut feeling. However, the home recording environment (space, 
neighbours) and the mic set-up can be tricky.

I know the best solution is to get a real drummer in a studio environment. 
But laying down stuff quickly (still realistically as possible) is more 
important than having the perfect drum track.

Would like to hear your experience & advice on this subject.

best regards