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Cloud loops on the GR55

Hey Per, (decided at last minute to post to LD too, it has the word loop 
in it)

i know you Are fan of what i call Cloud loops, I Do/did it on vortex,
As In delay feedback mapped to pedal, and Negative level In to the
effect mapped to same pedal.
(the more feedback the less you let into the overdub)

last night i was trying to Build this In gr55, with no luck. of course
i go the pedal controlling feedback working, of course using one of
the 8 assigns. BUT i couldnt find a level control for input to delay.
There is a send level as part of the delay effect, but it doesnt show
up as an assign parameter...
I know you have a new shiny favorite toy, and the poor gr is probably
In a cupboard, or sold, but if you ever tried to make this effect on
it, maybe you have hint as to what you did?


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