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Re: OT:Clicky switches and maybe microphonic guitar...

mark francombe wrote:

...my installation of a Deusenberger Multibender..

Nice!  Don't hear too many using this lovely piece of engineering marvel ;)
I assume you're talking about the Deusenberger/Rockinger Multibender bridge for slide works, yes?

I would love me such a setup. I stopped playing slide because I got so tired of playing majors only, and just didn't know about the various multibenders. The ability to do minors and augmenteds takes slide playing to a whole different kosmos.

If only the base part could be redesigned to look a Bit less bulky, and be made for seven strings, I'd be totally sold. Actually, I've sometimes thought of asking them about this, and have me a double neck build. Hehe, a fretless neck would be equally suitable both for fretless and slide works, so...

van Sinn