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Re: Using the standard EDP pedal with 2 EDPs

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 10:42 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
I *still* say use one beat cycles and add an extra cycle by
hitting Insert on the slave.
InsertMode = SUS

Yeah I just tried that, it is indeed, fun. but that Damn Insert = SUS, turns everything into a SUS.. (if im not mistaken) so suddenly I have to hold my foot on Multiply, instead of my usual triple click for instant mult..

However, this stereo > mess with the slave thing is truly inspiring... Ive just been doing one with Insert! INSERT I TELL YOU! I never use insert! its just so.. holy.. you know put holes in things.. and doing it YOUR way is pretty cool too, just that I get that mult stutter by accident so many times...

BUT JEEZ.. there so much yo can do with this... like... just ONE pres of UNDO on the slave, puts it one layer out from the master... whatever you do... you over dub on both, or undo both, its will always maintain its.. one layer out from the master... cool as fuck... this takes windowing to a whole new level...

@Per, Yes I think you have been away for too long.. the issue here is not what is saved to the preset, but how you control both pedals at once, BUT still have the ability to go back to seperate control. Cos you need to have the EDPs on the same Control Source number (not midi number) and as long as they are the same, ONE EDP (the master) will always control the other, so it cant be operated on its own, however, the pesky Slave, can run off and do things on its own (weird that) which makes for nice poly rhythms, and quirky synch stuff... 

So my trouble is just that after Ive had my fill of fun, I wanna put it back like I like it, as 2 seperate machines (like 2 seperate tracks in Mobius) but that aint quick. I have to Change the control source parameter form 10 to 56.. which I certainly cant do mid song!