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Re: EFC-7 issues

Hi George,

Rec is the switch you use most, so it's the first to wear out/get dirty.

Blast them with switch cleaner, and if that doesn't help replace them.

OR, try a different lead to connect EFC-7 to EDP


George Turcotte wrote:
Hello Superhumans,

My EFC-7 is on the fritz (and I have gigs dialed in - argh) The footswitch worked fine for a spell. I had a friend clone it into a far cooler looking box. That one worked fine too. Now they've just gone bad, but it seems to be only the one button (record, groan - why not 'undo???') - on /both/ pedals... how wierd. Same button, two pedals... The record button on the EPP's front panel also works fine, as do the rest of 'em on said panel... just the two record buttons on the floor... (?)

I've learned about static and how to control it - done. Have I done some kind of internal damage with static? Don't think so - the 'plex works fine controlling it by hand. Unfortunately, I keep my hands rather busy when looping...

I'm stuck in a rut and would much prefer a loop. Help?