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Re: EFC-7 issues


The button you use the most always wears out the soonest.

Those of us who owned EDPs and EFC-7s for a bunch of years found this out 
over time.

Even the original simple sturdy red buttons don't last forever.

I bought a bag of those red buttons from Mouser Electronics (a lifetime 
supply, no doubt).

Periodically they just went bad (every couple of years for me at least).

I always kept 'em in my gig toolbox along with a soldering iron.

Obviously there is often not time to fix something broken right before a 
gig (or in the middle of one).

So I carried an extra EFC-7 as well.

It was either that or go with some expensive and complicated MIDI solution 
that has it's own gremlins, demons, and wear/repair issues.

I no longer own any of it but do it all in software - but that was my 
experience when I did.


On Mar 3, 2013, at 9:21 PM, George Turcotte wrote:

> Hello Superhumans,
> My EFC-7 is on the fritz (and I have gigs dialed in - argh) The 
> footswitch worked fine for a spell. I had a friend clone it into a far 
> cooler looking box. That one worked fine too. Now they've just gone bad, 
> but it seems to be only the one button (record, groan - why not 
> 'undo???') - on both pedals... how wierd. Same button, two pedals... The 
> record button on the EPP's front panel also works fine, as do the rest 
> of 'em on said panel... just the two record buttons on the floor... (?)
> I've learned about static and how to control it - done. Have I done some 
> kind of internal damage with static? Don't think so - the 'plex works 
> fine controlling it by hand. Unfortunately, I keep my hands rather busy 
> when looping...
> I'm stuck in a rut and would much prefer a loop. Help?
> rhythmrhymer