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Re: Expression/volume pedals

I've got three pedals in my setup: an IK multimedia stealth pedal, a
Roland EV5 and a M-Audio expression pedal. The EV5 is the nicest of
the three, but that's not saying much. I liked the pedals on my old
FCB1010 better. I would also be interested in hearing which expression
pedals people prefer.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 7:29 AM, Philip Conway
<Philip.Conway@bristol.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Over the weekend I finally set up my Moog EP2 expression pedal with my
> Gordius LG2 foot controller. It's not a difficult process at all, I just
> didn't get round to figuring it out until now.
> It works beautifully (I especially love the customisable log/anti-log 
> curves
> on the LG2) but the controller itself is a bit flimsy. I'm using it 
> mostly
> for doing volume swells and things that are quite intensive and 
> stressful on
> the mechanism. The plastic cased controller seems like it would be fine 
> for
> just tweaking volume or effect levels while playing (or something mundane
> like that) but when using it to 'swell' every note I'm playing it feels 
> as
> though it'll wear out in no time.
> There seem to be two alternatives:
> (1) Other plastic expression pedals like the Yamaha FC7 or Roland EV5.
> (2) Bigger, heavier, metal volume pedals like the Ernie Ball range.
> The LG2, in all its wonderfulness, can make midi controllers out of 
> either
> these sorts of pedals.  So, my questions are:
> - Does anyone else use a volume pedal as an expression controller, with 
> the
> LG2 or otherwise?  Does it work well?  Is it worth the extra size, weight
> and expense?
> - Will the EP2 wear out with heavy use or is it hardier than it looks?
> - Are the FC7 or EV5 significantly better than the EP2?  (This seems
> unlikely but it's worth asking.)
> I'm thinking that a good setup would be to have one nice, heavy, solid
> volume pedal for doing volume swells, filter sweeps and so on and then 
> one
> or two of the EP2-style expression pedals for performing less 
> swivel-heavy
> tasks such as controlling levels, etc.
> That said, the EP2 does the job - I'm just not sure how long it'll last.
> Thanks!
> Philip.

Art Simon