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Expression/volume pedals

Hi folks,

Over the weekend I finally set up my Moog EP2 expression pedal with my Gordius LG2 foot controller. It's not a difficult process at all, I just didn't get round to figuring it out until now.

It works beautifully (I especially love the customisable log/anti-log curves on the LG2) but the controller itself is a bit flimsy. I'm using it mostly for doing volume swells and things that are quite intensive and stressful on the mechanism. The plastic cased controller seems like it would be fine for just tweaking volume or effect levels while playing (or something mundane like that) but when using it to 'swell' every note I'm playing it feels as though it'll wear out in no time.

There seem to be two alternatives:
(1) Other plastic expression pedals like the Yamaha FC7 or Roland EV5.
(2) Bigger, heavier, metal volume pedals like the Ernie Ball range.

The LG2, in all its wonderfulness, can make midi controllers out of either these sorts of pedals. So, my questions are:

- Does anyone else use a volume pedal as an expression controller, with the LG2 or otherwise? Does it work well? Is it worth the extra size, weight and expense?
- Will the EP2 wear out with heavy use or is it hardier than it looks?
- Are the FC7 or EV5 significantly better than the EP2? (This seems unlikely but it's worth asking.)

I'm thinking that a good setup would be to have one nice, heavy, solid volume pedal for doing volume swells, filter sweeps and so on and then one or two of the EP2-style expression pedals for performing less swivel-heavy tasks such as controlling levels, etc.

That said, the EP2 does the job - I'm just not sure how long it'll last.