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Re: Expression/volume pedals

Philip Conway wrote:

- Does anyone else use a volume pedal as an expression controller, with the LG2 or otherwise? Does it work well?

only the LG2 (afaik) would be configurable for this,
...but I doubt the resolution would be as good as with a linear pot 
(genuine expression pedal)

Is it worth the extra size, weight and expense?

doubt it

- Will the EP2 wear out with heavy use or is it hardier than it looks?

The plastic footpedal isn't the bit that wears out, what wears out is
the potentiometer.

Maybe the internal mechanism works lose....but you have an allen 

- Are the FC7 or EV5 significantly better than the EP2? (This seems unlikely but it's worth asking.)

I agree with you, but unfortunately also lack experience.

Moog stuff is generally built to last,  it's possible they
just bought in these pedals, but I'd be guessing they
would specify a decent pot.

I don't believe there'll be anything special about Boss/Yamaha,
...except the price.

The FC7 has a different pot to a regular exp pedal, I think the LG2
handles it, but I'd go with the regular exp pedal.
( the LG2 can compensate, but resolution is better if it doesn't have to )

I'm thinking that a good setup would be to have one nice, heavy, solid volume pedal for doing volume swells, filter sweeps and so on and then one or two of the EP2-style expression pedals for performing less swivel-heavy tasks such as controlling levels, etc.

I use the cheapest expression pedals possible, and the one that
got very heavy use as swell lasted well over a decade.
I think a couple of times I had to open it for adjustment (not difficult).

That's the Bespeco stuff, they do equivalents for most types of pedal,
they look/feel like the Roland stuff but cost much less.
Look on ebay for good deals.

That said, the EP2 does the job - I'm just not sure how long it'll last.

:-) I think you'll be ok.

ps. The Alesis peds look great...but have a slow response...avoid.
    I ordered 4 and sent them back next day.