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OT: Lost CC functionality on Roland GR55

The Roland GR55 has a set of 8 controllers, by default mapped to CC 1-8. I had these set up on my iPad on a Touch OSC template, so I could have hands on control of 8 different parameters--- and it was working, now it isnt!!!

I have another GR55 template (not made by me) that I purely use for programming it, (I have bad knees) that is the whole of the 55 exposed in an iPad Layout... 
This continues to work.. EXCEPT.. yes, the 8 CC controllers!!! 

So, my thought is that Ive done something on the GR55 to stop the recieving of CCs or switched off some main parameter, but I cant find what that could be!!!

Anyone out there know what Im talking about?


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe