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Re: EFC-7 issues

Right - I only wish it was that simple... Yes, the record button died all right on my EFC-7. But not only have I since replaced it (with one of them crappy red ones), I've cloned the entire pedal with superior switches. Also replaced the lead with several fresh, high quality ones just to be sure... no dice. Neither pedal will record - but they will trigger random behaviour, or nothing. And yet, the button on the 'plex works fine. I'm thinking about building a giant kick pedal to activate it! What on earth is going on... the other switches on both pedals work fine...


On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 10:52 AM, Ted Killian <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:

The button you use the most always wears out the soonest.

Those of us who owned EDPs and EFC-7s for a bunch of years found this out over time.

Even the original simple sturdy red buttons don't last forever.

I bought a bag of those red buttons from Mouser Electronics (a lifetime supply, no doubt).

Periodically they just went bad (every couple of years for me at least).

I always kept 'em in my gig toolbox along with a soldering iron.

Obviously there is often not time to fix something broken right before a gig (or in the middle of one).

So I carried an extra EFC-7 as well.

It was either that or go with some expensive and complicated MIDI solution that has it's own gremlins, demons, and wear/repair issues.

I no longer own any of it but do it all in software - but that was my experience when I did.


On Mar 3, 2013, at 9:21 PM, George Turcotte wrote:

> Hello Superhumans,
> My EFC-7 is on the fritz (and I have gigs dialed in - argh) The footswitch worked fine for a spell. I had a friend clone it into a far cooler looking box. That one worked fine too. Now they've just gone bad, but it seems to be only the one button (record, groan - why not 'undo???') - on both pedals... how wierd. Same button, two pedals... The record button on the EPP's front panel also works fine, as do the rest of 'em on said panel... just the two record buttons on the floor... (?)
> I've learned about static and how to control it - done. Have I done some kind of internal damage with static? Don't think so - the 'plex works fine controlling it by hand. Unfortunately, I keep my hands rather busy when looping...
> I'm stuck in a rut and would much prefer a loop. Help?
> rhythmrhymer