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Re: Expression/volume pedals

I use the EV-5's, because they seem to last a pretty long time and are light weight. they have gotten pricey new, I have 4, (2 that I use for the Gordius),  plus a  couple of line 6 exp pedals
 ( hey Jeff Duke, my line 6 exp works with my eventide time factor as well as the EV-5 does, go figure) as Andy said Bespeco stuff is similar and just as good as far as i can tell. I have considered going to  heavier duty pedals like these guys make,

coupled with this intriguing device they also make,so that I could use one pedal to do the job of three.

 for me something like this would clean up my floor space, but even then I might still use an EV-5 as one of these mission  _expression_ pedals weigh more than 3 EV-5 pedals, similar to a wah pedal in weight  at 3.12 lbs